I am very lucky to live on Casco Bay in Portland, Maine. Casco Bay extends from Cape Elizabeth (Portland) in the south to Cape Small in the north. I am fascinated by the 136 islands in this archipellago, particularly the passages between the islands. Here are a few of the paintings I've created of this motif. Most of this work has been done on location. There are more paintings on my website: http://www.kathleendaughan.com/ where paintings and prints can be purchased.

Passages: Phippsburg 3 (Wood Island)

10x10 oil on panel, sold

A reader has given me some interesting information about the Phippsburg paintings. This is Big Wood Island on the right and Little Wood on the left. Good fishing in the passage between which is what fascinated me about this scene. Turns out John Marin painted here in 1914. His painting "Big Wood Island" is a classic John Marin and was recently shown at the Portland Museum of Art. Very nice article about all this by Bob Keyes in the Portland Press Herald on Aug 15, 2010.
This painting was sold at the Black Frame auction but prints of it are available at Fine Art America. Link over on the right.

Wolfe Neck, South Freeport

Wolfe Neck 2, 4x4 oil on canvas, unframed, ready to hang, available
Wolfe Neck 3, 6x6 oil on panel, framed and available
These 2 pieces were painted at Wolfe Neck Farm in South Freeport. Incredible views of the bay from here and the farm is very user friendly. We paint here quite often. More information about the paintings on my website: www.kathleendaughan.com. Prints available at Fine Art America, link over in the righthand side bar.

Reed State Park

Reid State Park 1, 4x4 oil on panel, sold
Reid State Park 2, 4x4 oil on panel, sold
Reid State Park has wonderful rocky coasts and a beautiful beach. The best of Maine all in one place. No wonder it's so popular. I've included these pictures even though they have been sold because prints and cards are available at Fine Art America. See the link to Fine Art America over on the righthand side bar.


Phippsburg 1, 4x4 oil on panel, available

Phippsburg 2, 5x5 oil on panel, sold
You can see these islands from West Point in Phippsburg which is pretty much at the northern most point of Casco Bay, Small Point is just over to the left of this view. A bit of a drive to get there but an absolutely gorgeous spot.

More information on these paintings on my website: www.kathleendaughan.com and prints are available of both on Fine Art America, link at right.

Richmond Island 1

Oil on panel, 12 x12, Sold
Prints of this painting are available from Fine Art America, link over on the right hand side bar. There are more pictures of Richmond Island on my website that are available:

Richmond Island

Richmond Island 4, 5x5 oil on panel, unframed, ready to hang
Richmond Island 2, 6x6 oil on canvas, framed
Technically Richmond Island is not in Casco Bay but it is just around the corner. It's an island I love to paint from Two Lights State Park which is just at the entrance to the bay.

More information about these paintings on my website: http://www.kathleendaughan.com/

Casco Bay 2

Pastel on Wallis paper, 6x12, in gold plein air frame
This is the view of Casco Bay from the Eastern Prom in Portland. The colors here change constantly according to the time of day and season. I'm fascinated always. This painting is available on my website: http://www.kathleendaughan.com/

Portland Head Light

Portland Head Light sits at the entrance to Portland Harbor and thus at the southern end of Casco Bay. This original pastel has been sold. Prints are available on my website:

Island Glow

View of the Sandbar at Great Diamond Island from the Eastern Prom in Portland. This original pastel has been sold. It is currently available as a print on my website: