I am very lucky to live on Casco Bay in Portland, Maine. Casco Bay extends from Cape Elizabeth (Portland) in the south to Cape Small in the north. I am fascinated by the 136 islands in this archipellago, particularly the passages between the islands. Here are a few of the paintings I've created of this motif. Most of this work has been done on location. There are more paintings on my website: http://www.kathleendaughan.com/ where paintings and prints can be purchased.

Richmond Island

Richmond Island 4, 5x5 oil on panel, unframed, ready to hang
Richmond Island 2, 6x6 oil on canvas, framed
Technically Richmond Island is not in Casco Bay but it is just around the corner. It's an island I love to paint from Two Lights State Park which is just at the entrance to the bay.

More information about these paintings on my website: http://www.kathleendaughan.com/

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